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CLAVIERS BAROQUES -- Godfrey T. Ruckers the Rabbit's home page

Ruckers in his home box, with a wisp of hay handy for snacks. His litter is in there, too, his food bowl (you can't see it because it's on the other side) and a selsction of fresh vegetables.


Godfrey T. Ruckers the Rabbit joined us August 30, 2002. He spent the first night in our bedroom in a large cat carrier which we had supplied with clean towel, a litter box, and a selection of food -- a dish of pellets, a few veggies and some hay. He sat in the litter box -- good bunny! He seemed confused by the vegetables but liked the pellets and especially the hay. Our last bunny ate mostly veggies and thought hay was for bedding -- ah, tastes vary.

In the morning we had breakfast and he thought that the carrot and apple slices were mildly interesting, but the coriander (previous bunny's fave!) and broccoli got only a taste and the rapini, kale and collards he totally ignored. I brought him into my office -- carrier box, breakfast and all -- and opened the box door. He took a few minutes to rearrange his box -- he wanted the food dish on the other side -- and then hopped out and spent the rest of the day systematically exploring my office. He did it in a series of forays, mostly going back into the box for rests, but later flopping down in suitable newly-discovered areas. As far as I can tell he goes back to his box for bathroom breaks as well as for snacks and naps.

His name is a typical Claviers Baroques compromise. Den likes Ruckers, after the famous Flemish harpsichord-building family, I kind of think he's a Godfrey, but we both agree that his old name, Bobo, was totally wrong and could not possibly be his correct name. Since rabbits aren't noted for coming when they are called we figure a name change won't traumatize him. The T. can stand for tiny, terrible, tyrannosaurus or Tiberias, your choice.

The nice people at the House Rabbit Society (Ontario Chapter), who introduced us to Ruckers, told us that house rabbits will sometimes gnaw electrical or computer cords that are in their way in the same way wild rabbits would gnaw tree roots. To avoid electrified bunny I tried to move all cords out of his path. So far he hasn't offered to lay a tooth on any of them, but I'll continue to keep an eye on him just in case.

So far Ruckers has met Paquita, queen of the house and self-appointed grand hostess, and our senior cat Lazlo. Paquita was her usual gracious self, Lazlo so far is ignoring Ruckers, but since he is a very small bunny we will continue to supervise all cat/bunny encounters and will probably tuck Ruckers up safe in his box if we are not going to be in the same room with him. We will continue to introduce him to the rest of the animals and the rest of the house, we hope he will be a house bunny.

Ruckers is a young bunny, about 8 months, and fairly active but still spends a lot of time doing nothing. Both Den and I are pretty Type A people and find it hard to relax, but we find that watching a bunny do nothing is a great way to take a break!

You can see some more of Rucker's friends at Claviers Baroques' Animals Homepage.


Ruckers needs to know what is behind those file cabinets. Note that the cord is hoisted up out of his way.

Ruckers takes a break. Exploring is hard work! In case you were wondering, Ruckers is a lop, that means his ears aren't supposed to stand up.






Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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