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CLAVIERS BAROQUES -- Paquita's home page

Paquita is a born super model. She knows when a camera is around and immediately dissolves into a photogenic pose.

Paquita joined us in Sepember of 2001. Her previous owner was moving to Korea to live with her daughter, who is teaching English there. Paquita and her grand-daughter, Cutie-Baby, were originally to have 'gone with the house', but as the flight date approached and the house still hadn't sold, Maureen didn't want to leave her kitties to fate. A friend told a friend and we went to meet Maureen and the kitty-ladies, and that was that.

Extremely gracious and sociable, Paquita has made friends for blocks around. She is on good terms with everyone from Arthur the greyhound to Raffles the cat -- who is, ahem, somewhat truculent -- and has a host of human friends who stop to talk to her when they pass by the house. Many of them have names for her. Our neighbors Franz and Maggie call her Gertrude, Jim across the street calls her R2D2 (and gives her treats, so I'm told) and Tweetie down the street calls her Froggie -- the last two are references to her chirpy "two-tone" purr.

Maureen stopped in late August 2002 on a short visit from Korea. The kitty ladies were happy to see her, as were we, and Maureen brought treats which they shared with theiri friends. For an account of Maureen's most recent adventures in Asia click here.

You can see some of Paquita's other friends at Claviers Baroques' Animals Homepage.


Not just a pretty face, Paquita is invaluable in the shop. Here she inspects a delivery of Sitka spruce for soundboards.

She may be a grandma, but by golly she still has it. Here she's doing her sultry siren thing.






Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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