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CLAVIERS BAROQUES -- Mabon the Wonder Cat's new home page

Mabon's first day with us. He was polite but reserved for several weeks ...

Mabon the Wonder Cat joined us December 21, 2001. His previous owner was moving to a non-cat place -- see the story at his previous website. Mabon was the first cat we'd ever met who had his own webpage!

He is a cat of great dignity, although he is not above teasing Hat Kitty. He takes a poke at her and she yowls like she's being skinned, Mabon then sits looking innocent, "Who me?" Very satisfying!

Mabon was famous for his large teeth, which made him look like a (small) black panther. Unfortunately, when we took him to the veterinarian we found that he had bad, bad tooth decay and the teeth that hadn't already fallen out had to be extracted. He had a lump on his neck, too, which proved to be a tumour on his jugular vein, that was removed at the same time. Between the shaved patch on his neck and the stitches he looked like FrankenKitty for a couple of weeks but the fur has all grown back and he is wearing his snazzy Roots leather collar again. We miss his lovely teeth, but his breath has improved greatly -- we used to be able to tell when he came in the room by his bad breath -- and he doesn't leave pools of drool anymore.

Having no teeth hasn't slowed him down at mealtimes, either, and he's holding his weight, a muscular 10lbs.


... but he has loosened up considerably since those days. He is now pretty comfortable here. He seems to enjoy his new friends and even indulges in the odd practical joke.

It's been said that in the dark all cats are black, but some are blacker than others. Right, Mabon?

You can see some more of Mabon's friends at Claviers Baroques' Animals Homepage.







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