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CLAVIERS BAROQUES -- Neferkiti's home page

Neferkiti, the world's cutest kitten ™, joined us in Sepember of 2002. Her mama is a very pretty longish-haired tabby, daddy is ???? and there was a Siamese not too far back in the family tree. We tried a bunch of names for her -- T'pao, Squeakaboo (Boo for short), Thistledown, Lufy (after one of Den's favourite anime characters, the hard-boiled Solenoid warrior-chick from Gall Force) -- but none of them stuck until we came up with Neferkiti. Nefer is ancient Egyptian for 'beautiful', kiti is, well, just kitty.



Here she is, playing cat-and-mouse on Den's desk. Her motto is, "This which does not kill us is a cat toy." No, not the glasses!

You can see some of more of Neferkiti's friends at Claviers Baroques' Animals Homepage.

Neferkiti's best buddy is Godfrey Ruckers, the Rabbit.. He thinks she's the bee's knees, she thinks he's a cat toy. He's taught her how to play tag, she's taught him how to eat cat food and use kitty litter. They play until they're both exhausted then sleep in a heap.







Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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