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CLAVIERS BAROQUES -- Cutie-Baby's home page

Cutie-Baby would rather be outdoors than in, she is very much a 'wild kitty'. She doesn't really like to hang out with people all that much, but she's so soft you want to give her a hug anyway..

Cutie-Baby joined us in Sepember of 2001. Her previous owner was moving to Korea to live with her daughter, who is teaching English there. Cutie-Baby and her grandmother, Paquita, were originally to have 'gone with the house', but as the flight date approached and the house still hadn't sold, Maureen didn't want to leave her kitties to an unknown fate. A friend told a friend and we went to meet Maureen and the kitty-ladies, and that was that. Maureen's daughter Michaela, named her.

Cutie-Baby is outdoors most of the time except in really bad weather. In the summer she likes to lie on the neighbor's garage roof, which is flat, under the branch of an apple tree. She sleeps with one eye half open, you never know, a bird might happen by. She spends most nights outside, but is usually waiting on my office window sill for breakfast in the moring. That window is on the second floor, she climbs the TV tower to get there.

Maureen stopped in late August 2002 on a short visit from Korea. The kitty ladies were happy to see her, as were we, and Maureen brought treats which they shared with their friends. For an account of Maureen's most recent Asian adventures, this time in Passport-office Land, click here.

You can see some of Cutie-Baby''s other friends at Claviers Baroques' Animals Homepage.


Here she is being wild kitty...ready to chase gazelle.!

Here she is being house kitty, having breakfast from a tin, with her grandmother.






Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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