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The Fortepiano after Stein, a professional builders' kit


designed by Marc Ducornet and Emmanuel Danset

"This kit is offered only to very experienced makers. Our forte-piano is much more difficult to build than our normal kit range and although there is an instruction manual, it is not as elaborate as those which accompany our other instruments. The assembly and veneering of the case requires careful work, and the action must be precise and refined for the instrument to reveal its full potential. For many makers around the world, we have offered our experienced, high-quality work at reasonable prices. This solution has been helpful to enable them to offer different models from those they might normally entertain building, or to shorten the delivery times to their own finished instrument clients." -- Marc Ducornet

Additional note from Claviers Baroques: This kit is NOT prepared for amateur builders and no attempt has been made to make this instrument easy to build. It is assumed that anyone undertaking to build this forte-piano has a high degree of skill informed by a great deal of experience. Rather than providing a "kit" for assembly, the intention is that The Paris Workshop functions as the skilled craftsmen did in the instrument-building shops of master builders, doing preparatory tasks to the specifications of the master builder.


Range 61 notes: FF - f''', double strung. A=415 or A=440
Dimensions Length 213cm ~ Width 96cm ~ Depth of case 22cm
Weight about 80kg
Action reverse keyboard with ebony naturals, bone-slipped accidentals and ebony fronts; strung in soft iron, yellow and red brass; dampers lifted by knee levers; hand-operated moderator.
Wood case to be veneered in Honduras mahogany or American cherry (supplied); oak wrestplank, fir soundboard
Legs Four mahogany or cherry turned and fluted screw-in legs
Instructions Manual in English with photographs, full-size Mylar drawing
Level of difficulty professional, by special order only

Standard Stage: Version 1, ready to assemble
$ 12,892.98 CAD*
$ 8,738.75 USD
8,143.79 *

* Prices are listed in Euros as of Jan 01 2003, Canadian and Euro prices are calculated using exchange rates on November 2, 2003. Air freight to a major airport and customs clearance is included; local delivery from a major airport and any applicable taxes, duties, etc. are EXTRA. These kits come from France and exchange rates change all the time, so we suggest you contact us to confirm prices or check rates using The Universal Currency Converter.

-- updated November 6, 2003






Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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