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The Unfretted Clavichord Kit, Gerlach school


designed by Marc Ducornet & Emmanuel Danset after J. C. Gerlach

Gerlach was one of the late clavichord builders in Hamburg. His instruments are very similar to those of Hass, whose student he may have been. This imposing, 61-note (FF-f 3) instrument, with its individual pairs of strings for each note, is suitable for much 18th-century music, including the early piano repertoire up to Beethoven, Op.59, The "Waldstein" Sonata (needs 63 notes). All of Mozart's keyboard music fits and is a delight to play on this instrument. We have redesigned this model to offer an optional 4' bass bridge (available late fall of 2003).

The clavichord is undoubtedly the most expressive of early keyboard instruments. The mechanism is very simple: when you press a key the brass tangent fixed at the other end functions as a fret and excites the string. As the finger has a direct mechanical connection with the string, simple pressure on the key can produce vibrato (commonly referred to by the German term Bebung). When the finger is lifted from the key, the vibrations travel along the strings and are damped promptly by the listing cloth.

The dynamic range is large, but at a very low level. The clavichord is too soft to accompany most other instruments, but it is a delightful to sing quietly with.

TPW 5-Octave, Unfretted Clavichord


Range 61 notes: FF-f''', A415, double strung 
Dimensions length 173 cm (70"); width 55 cm (21"); depth of case 18 cm (7") 
Weight 30kg (70 lbs) approx
Action reverse keyboard with ebony naturals, bone-slipped accidentals and pearwood arcades
Wood case in cherry, spruce soundboard
Stand Four turned legs in cherry
Instructions manual in French or German, English in preparation; full-size mylar drawing 
Level of difficulty some experience

Standard Stage: Stage 1, ready to assemble 
$ 5,957.00 CAD*
3 879,17
$ 4,445.95 USD *


Stage 3, soundboard installed
$ 9,567.36 CAD*
6 230,21
$ 7,140.50 USD *
4' bass bridge
please ask
please ask
please ask
Other versions available
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Finishing materials available
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* Prices are listed in Euros as of Jan 01 2003. Canadian and US dollar prices are calculated using exchange rates on November 2, 2003. Air freight to a major airport and customs clearance is included; local delivery from a major airport and any applicable taxes, duties, etc. are EXTRA. These kits come from France and exchange rates change all the time, so we suggest you contact us to confirm prices or check rates using The Universal Currency Converter.

-- updated November 6, 2003






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