Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sabathil & Sons Straight-side Harpsichord, opus # 1424, 1968: 1x8', 1x4 + buff. Either 8' or 4' can be buffed. Compass is CC to f''' (56 notes). This is the standard Sabathil "revival" style harpsichord of the '60's with steel frame reinforced with tubing. Black wood naturals, light (boxwood? maple?) sharps, strung in steel with some wound strings in the bass. Wire seems to be original. In playing condition but needs some work. Plastic jacks have wooden tongues (retrofitted?) quilled with Delrin, perhaps was originally quilled in leather. There are two jacks missing. Original jacks may no longer be available but wooden replacements can be fabricated if necessary. One string is broken and a few notes just plain don't play, but all the keys and stop levers work and it's even pretty well in tune. The case has some water marks on the outside but the inside is very clean. Consignment sale, owner is asking $750 Canadian or $500 USD plus shipping (instrument is in Toronto).

Follow up:

The purchasers asked us to replace the missing jacks, to get it fully playing and to refinish the lid and other damaged areas. We did the work requested and delivered it on June 26, 2002. The owner is even writing a piece of music for it, a setting of a song from Shakespeare's Measure for Measure.

e-mail received 26 June 2002 11:36pm

Den, Dawn

Thank you for taking all the time and trouble to regulate the
Sabathil Harpsichord. Not only does the thing look nice it sounds
terrific and the neighbours don't complain. They complain about
the piano but they can't hear the harpsichord. (It reflects on my
playing abilities.)

I will send you the completed piece as soon as I can figure out how
to extend the number of pages from the software. (I can't really
complain, it is free - Finale Notepad.)

I have never heard Hexachordum Apolinis on the harpsichord
there is an organ piece but it does not do the pieces justice. Yes, it
can be played on the organ but something is lacking.

Henry Miyamoto
43 Spadina Avenue
Hamilton, Ontario L8M 2X2
email: henry.miyamoto@utoronto.ca

PS. Certainly you may quote me. If anyone wants a refence, please
ask them to call us.

(above) Dawn and a helper removing the damaged finish from the lid using cabinet scrapers. Once we were down to the bare teak we applied several coats of hand-rubbed shellac (French polish) followed by a couple of coats of rubbing varnish for extra protection. (below) All settled in its new home.



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