SOLD! to the gentleman from Texas...1965 Zuckermann, black and white

Zuckermann Straight-side, '65: 1x8', buff. This one is a fix-'er-upper. It is not playing well because the leather plectra have worn out (after 35 years). White plastic naturals, black sharps, original wire. Price: $600 Canadian or $400 USD plus shipping

We recommended an upgrade to new plastic jacks and celcon plectra (upgrade kit is $250 Canadian/$175 US)
Follow-up -- we got this message from the new owner:

Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 18:05:03 -0500
Dear Dawn,
The instrument arrived fine last Friday.  I adjusted the plectra and and got it semi-tuned myself.  I contacted Mr. Salvatore (at Zuckermann Harpsichords International) and got the info. on the upgrade kit.  I think this will be a nice instrument with some work.

John T., Athens TX

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