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SOLD! to the lady from Urbana, Illinois

Flemish Single-Manual Harpsichord (1989) after Moermans (1584) from Hubbard Kit

Flemish Single-Manual Harpsichord (1989) from a Hubbard kit after Hans Moermans (1585). Compass is just under five octaves G-e”’ (58 notes) and is transposable A=440 to A=415. Disposition 2 x 8' with buff. Asking price $5,500 CAD which is approx $5,250 USD / £2,650 GBP / € 3,850 / $ 56,400 MXN / ¥ 646,000 JPY (please check current conversion rates at the Universal Currency Converter*) plus shipping from Timmins ON and applicable taxes & duties. Qualifies as duty-free in the US, Canada and Mexico under NAFTA. Interested? E-mail Claviers Baroques, phone us at 1-888-597-0946 or Skype us at claviersbaroques Skype Me™! .

This single manual harpsichord à petit ravalement was professionally built in 1989 by the Hubbard shop (case built and soundboard installed) and completed -- keyboard finishing, stringing, voicing and paint -- by the owner. It is based on a harpsichord made in 1584 in Antwerp by Hans Moermans. 

Compass is five octaves G-e”’ (58 notes) and is transposable a semitone so it can be used with either modern instruments at A=440 or baroque instruments at A=415. Disposition is 2 x 8' with buff. Register changes and buff stop are operated by levers through the nameboard in the French style. It has a lovely sound*, is easy to tune and maintain. The instrument transports well being fairly small therefore it fits in a mini van or SUV.

The instrument has been used professionally several times with the Timmins Symphony Orchestra, in music festivals and recitals. For the most part, it has been used for private use by the owner, a piano teacher now retired, and her daughter, then studying for a Masters in Music Performance.

Here are some ideal situations for this beautiful instrument:

  • A private piano teacher or conservatory that would like to offer harpsichord lessons
  • A music student who needs a good instrument to practice on
  • Chamber musicians who would need a harpsichord in the ensemble
  • A professional harpsichordist who needs a reliable and easy transportable instrument
  • A music department who would like to have a baroque ensemble
  • A music school who would like students to play baroque pieces on a harpsichord for a music recital
  • For professional music workshops given to teachers and students

Note from Claviers Baroques -- we have not seen this instrument in person and this description and the photos have been furnished by the owner. We do stress that the Hubbard name is well known for good design, materials and craftsmanship. Since the case was built and the soundboard installed in the Hubbard shop there is not the risk that one often takes with a kit built by an amateur. The owner has also provided extensive and, I might add, very charming, sound samples and even videos so you can make a well-informed decision for yourself.

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Sound and video samples:
(samples will open in their own windows)

Sound sample: J S Bach Prelude in C# major, WTK book 1 prelude 3, Bach ( 1.2 MB, 1:19 min)
Sound sample: Anne 13 ans Andante avec variations pour 4 mains KV501; Mozart(Anne et Maman).mp3 ( 7 MB, 7:25 min) Caution -- giggle alert!
Sound sample: "The Fall of the Leafe".mp3, Martin Peerson, with intro (3.2 MB, 3:25 min) Video: "The Fall of the Leafe.mp4", Martin Peerson (9.8 MB, 2:07 min)
Sound sample: Toccata in A Major.mp3, Pietro Domenico Paradies (1.9MB, 3:25 min) Video: Toccata in A Major.mp4 Pietro Domenico Paradies (9.3MB, 2:01 min)


Outer case painted pale green with gold leaf bands, the inside of the lid natural finish with green bands. Soundboard surround, music desk 'left bright', ie, natural finish. Reverse keyboard, ebony naturals with bone-slips (possibly imitation bone) on pear sharps, pearwood arcades. The tuning wrench is a Hale -- a *very* good tuning wrench. Spruce soundboard. Flat, straight, no visible cracks. Rose is the Hubbard Flemish, cast in lead and gold-leafed. The additional mass helps to give the distinctive Flemish sound. Pins are straight and evenly spaced, a very neat and professional-looking job of stringing.

[above] Photo shows the tail hitchpin rail and the end of the bridge. Both appear to be holding tight, which is very good.

[below] Matching painted ladder stand, lid, propstick and small upholstered seat.

[above] Jacks are Hubbard standard Delrin© and appear to be quilled in Delrin as well.

[below] The seat stores accessories and spare parts. The fallboard can be locked -- handy if you have to leave your instrument unattended in school or venue.

[below] Accessories include spare wire, parts and tools. Some were useful for building but probably won't be needed again (although it is interesting to have spare hitchpins and a hitch-pin bender). Others -- the wire, spare jacks, tongues, plectra, and damper felt and the voicing tools -- will be useful for routine maintenance. There is a good supply of those, but if you should ever need more they are easily available from a good harpsichord supplier (such as Claviers Baroques, of course) or directly from Hubbard Harpsichords.

Two instruction manuals are included. One is for building the kit -- an interesting and informative read -- and also deals with tuning, maintenance and regulation. The red book, Harpsichord Regulating and Repairing, was written by Frank Hubbard for piano technicians. You may find it useful, or if you don't feel up to doing major regulation or repair yourself, your piano tech might be agree to do the job with assistance from this reference.

[right] Detail of ladder stand. The owner reports that the stand can be disassembled for transport, if required, by removing four screws, but that she has never had occassion to do so.

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