Toronto, Ontario, Canada

SOLD! to the gentleman from Boston, MA
Alec Hodsdon Clavichord, SN 62-524, 1962 (used)

Alec Hodsdon Clavichord, built in Lavenham, Suffolk (England) in 1962, serial No 62-524. Unfretted, double strung in brass, compass BB/e''', brass tangents. No legs or stand. This is a very beautiful instrument. Case in solid rosewood. The owner, a visual artist and scholar, had it custom-made for her. Includes integral music desk, lid, keycover/fallboard, and listing board. The main part of the lid is one big plank of rosewood about 1/2" thick with a beautiful figure. Approx. 48" x 16 `1/2" x 5 1/4". Weighs about 70 lbs.


The 54-note keyboard has ebony naturals and flame maple sharps. Compass of four and a half octaves,BB to e''',unfretted, suitable for 18th and early 19th century keyboard literature and even some 20th century music. Den has been playing the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book on it recently as well as a little Bartok, eg Mikrokosmos, and some Leo Kottke guitar music -- very nice.

In 2000 Claviers Baroques restrung it entirely in brass since the original phosphor bronze was pretty tired. We also replaced the listing cloth with one piece of cloth rather than the separate felt strips and deepened the action slightly. As a result it plays as well and possibly better than when new and certainly produces more volume. The original strings, balance felts and listing felts are included in the archival material.


It's so beautiful that when it first came here I'd go down to the workroom just to look at it. The colour and grain of the rosewood lid is breathtaking. The entire case is solid rosewood with hand-cut dovetailed corners. The oil finish is in excellent condition. The wood and workmanship in this instrument alone make it a collector's item which will continue to increase in value over the years.

Tiny pegs hold down the rosewood listing board. This photo below shows one -- isn't it cute? The wedge-shaped pegs also serve to regulate the pressure on the listing board.

  Like most clavichords, it keeps its tune well. When tuning is required (maybe every couple of months),you should be able to tune the whole thing in half an hour if you are using a meter.

Comes with lots of extras, including spare wire, tuning fork, and a manual (!). The owner, who is an art historian, is including all the research she did before she commissioned this instrument-- newspaper clippings, sales material, correspondence,etc. -- and all her correspondence from Mr. Hodsdon during its building as well as two audio tapes of music by Gertrude Innes, Margaret Hodsdon and Thurston Dart, and more. In addition to providing an interesting window on the state of the clavichord world at the time, this documentation of provenance increases the historical value of the piece.
We have recently received correspondence from Mr. Alec Hodsdon's grandson. He has offered to send us copies of his grandfather's original invoice for this instrument -- what a great thing for any collector, to have documentation from both parties!

SOLD! to the gentleman from Boston, MA Price: $5,500 CA / $4,000 USD / € 3 500 / $42,650 MXN / ¥ 475,000 JPY plus shipping from Toronto and applicable taxes & duties. Sorry, this one does not qualify under NAFTA, but it does qualify for our lease plan. Monthly payments would be approximately $150 CAD/ $125 USD. Did I say that the owner is donating the proceeds to Tafelmusick Baroque Orchestra? Well, she is. Interested? E-mail Claviers Baroques or give us a call.

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