CLAVIERS BAROQUES -- WO 197 Canadian Single "Lirit" for Sandy H




  1. The inner case completed and ready for the wrestplank to go in. You can see how the notch in the inner scroll-pieces will fit over the lower step alongside where the keyboard will go. That black can-like thing on the right with the white rim is Den's gluepot. It has a built-in heater that keeps hide glue at the right temperature.
  2. This is the drill press, set up to drill the holes for the axle pins in the jacks. Lirit has 104 of these.
  3. Here is a jack clamped in place, tiny precise hole being drilled. The axle will be a sewing pin, clipped to length.
  4. Lirit has her name on the inside, where, we hope, the museum curators of 2400 will see it
  5. Den uses stainless-steel screws to hold the internal braces in place while the glue sets, then removes them. Metal and wood expand and contract at different rates and for different reasons, so over decades a metal screw in wood will work itself loose and stress the glue joint. The glue alone will hold for centuries.
  6. In addition to the knees to brace the sides we also use gluing blocks to strengthen the corners. They have to be painstakingly cut to fit the odd angles that harpsichords have.

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