CLAVIERS BAROQUES -- Progress report, updated December 31, 2003 WO 197 Canadian Single "Lirit" for Sandy H of Indiana

E-mail from Sandy H. Dec 25, 2003

> Talk about having a big head! Lirit and I were looking at your web-sight (considering a sister
>clavichord) and we hadn't realized that there was a big spread on "the Princess". Of course Lirit balked
>at the pictures and pointed out how much more beautiful she is now then she was 1 1/2 years ago.
>She also pointed out that the room is much more fitting for her since she banned the computer from her
>space (too contemporary). Her antique wrought iron bench, pedestal with a bust of Bach, the celeste,
>antique music cabinet and 1840's desk suits her tastes much better. Good grief, the harpsichord gets some
>publicity and it goes straight to her sound-board! Ah, the price of fame.

> She has been behaving herself quite well lately. With the dryer air many of the problems have taken care of themselves. There are
>still a few problems with one or two of the jacks and it all depends on what the weather is like for them to
>function correctly. I haven't screwed up any more strings and the one I replaced is fine.

> Well, I need to sign off for now. Take care and drop me a line when you have some time.


E-mail from Sandy H. Sept 19, 2002:

> Dear Dawn and Den;
> Just a note to say hi and see how things are going for you.
> The school year is off to a good start and we have our first concerts in two weeks. Hard to believe
> we are half way through the first grading period already.

> I'm still having a few problems with the middle c on Lirit. I need to just find some time to sit down
> and go through the entire list that Den sent me to try and correct it. She is darkening up quite well and I
> oiled her again about three weeks ago. I just keep a check on her for dryness and she seems to need a light
> coat about once every two months. She retains her tuning unbelievably well and I haven't had to touch
> her since you were here in July.

> Gotta sign off for now, take care and write soon.
> Sandy

(left) Lirit lives in the music room, which she shares with Sandy's computer, a lovely old euphonium and a venerable Mustel celeste. When we delivered Lirit on May 10, 2002 (in a rainstorm) we didn't get a chance to spend much time with her and her new owner, who had just had serious dental surgery. When we checked back in mid-July we found that Lirit was in good shape, just needed a little tweaking and some dampers re-set. We were delighted with how well Lirit holds her tune. Den did a really, really, fussy and thorough tuning, it took less than a half an hour.

(below) Her owner has put her near a window so the cherry will darken more quickly. So far the only finish on this instrument is several coats of linseed oil. Later on Sandy can put on a coat of paste wax for added protection, if she wishes.

(left) The keyboard (left) is bird's eye maple with cherry sharps. This photo was taken in our shop, before we had put our name on the nameboard.

(below) Lirit's back 8' is always on, her front 8' switches on and off with this lever. The shape was an inspiration of the moment -- things like this make each harpsichord we build unique and special.

Of course Lirit has a hand-carved rose, like all of our custom instruments. Dawn carves each rose (left) from thin cherry wood reinforced with a silk backing to prevent splitting. This is our own Claviers Baroques two cranes design, inspired by a Japanese motif.

(below) Lirit's rose, all gilded and ready to be glued in its place in the soundboard.

The cheek profile is decorative but not structural, so it can be any shape. I had sketched some possible cheek profiles for Sandy to choose from. She decided on #3.


Here is the prototype scroll I made from cherry and maple... .
... and here is Lirit showing her lovely custom-designed cheek scroll. The nameboard still needs to be cut to height in this photo.
Way back at the beginning...

Lirit's bentside being laminated (are there enough clamps?)...

.the keyboard blank being glued up with the bentside behind it, and...

... the inner case all attached to the bottom showing the triangular "knees" glued in place..
.(more pictures)


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