SOLD! to the gentleman from South Carolina...The Ammer in its new home

AMMER, double-manual, ca. 1960: 1x4', 2x8', and 1x16' , buff. This is a LARGE revival harpsichord from the 50's/60's with a piano-style keyboard. The case is of a blonde wood, either maple or ash. The register changers are operated by foot-pedals. Owner needs to make room for her harp. It plays reasonably well, but there are some splits in the soundboard. Price: asking $2,500 Canadian or $1750 USD -- shipping anywhere in North America included!!

We got this e-mail from the new owner:

Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 18:24:18 -0700
Hi Dawn,

I fixed the sound board on the Ammer. I had to take out all of the wires (on the bass side) to fix it.

The sound board in the area of the crack had become completely  detached from the ribs. I put glue underneath and used weights to hold it down. Now the strings are back in and its nearly good as new. The 4' no longer touch that part of the sound board. I'm also requilling the 4' and 16Steve and Dawn at Steve's place in South Carolina'. I want to use leather for the 16'. I tried plastic already and didn't like it because it seems to roar a little bit too loud. Anyway, I love my Ammer and appreciate very much you and Den bringing it down for me. I'll keep you posted


Steve, Rock Hill SC

and this note with flowers(!) from the seller:

Aug 21/00The Ammer -- a VERY long harpsichord

Dawn & Den,

Many, many thanks for selling and transporting my Ammer. Hopefully we'll be in touch sooner rather than later for a new (SMALLER) one.

Thanks again,


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