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SOLD! to the lady in Southampton, ON

Neupert clavichord, SN 23326, ca 1970's (used)

This unfretted 5-octave clavichord was built by the Neupert Company in Bamburg, Germany. It is not dated but we guess it was made sometime in the 70's, judging by the high serial number. The original J. C. Neupert learned piano-making in Nanette Streicher's workshop in Vienna. Nanette was the daughter of piano pioneer Andreas Stein, whose showroom demonstrator was a child prodigy named Wolfgang Mozart. The Neupert firm made pianos for three generations before starting to produce harpsichords and clavichords in the early 1900's.

Like its companion Neupert "Kleine" harpsichord it is what we call a revival instrument, not an historic copy. Revival instruments use modern materials, designs and production techniques. They are notoriously heavily built, and this is no exception. The heavy structure tends to make for very quiet harpsichords, but the reverse is true with clavichords. Although still very quiet compared to a piano, this instrument is louder than most similar-sized clavichords of historic design.

The quiet sound of a clavichord makes it an ideal companion instrument. If you are a person who works late hours, this is a wonderful way to unwind without disturbing your family or the neighbors.

  C P E Bach and Mozart are delightful on it, of course, and much of their keyboard works were written with a clavichord in mind rather than a piano. J S Bach preferred his clavichords to most of the pianos of his day. The instrument is unfretted and has a large compass -- FF to f''', 61 notes -- which makes it ideal for the 18th and 19th century keyboard literature and even some 20th century music. It will handle all of Beethoven's sonatas up to the Waldstein and a fair amount of Brahms, Schubert, and Schumann will fit on it, too. Chopin waltzes are lovely and ethereal on it, and its intimate sound is ideal for soft rock ballads -- try Carole King on a clavichord, or Elton John.

[below] This instrument is single strung in steel with copper-wound strings in the bass. Like most clavichords, it keeps its tune well. It is single-strung so when tuning is required (maybe every couple of months) you can tune the whole thing in 15 to 20 minutes. The listing rail gives a positive action with no chucking.


[below] The straight bridge is unusual in modern clavichords but some historic instruments used them. For a closer look at the rose, click here.

[below] The case is veneered in light walnut or similar wood. Both case and finish are in excellent condition. 'Reverse' keyboard in ebony with plastic-capped boxwood or maple sharps.   [below] The music desk folds away under the lid when it is closed. Dimensions. 53" x 20" x 8" plus 24 1/2" legs / 135cm x 50 cm x 20 cm plus 62 cm legs. Weight approx 82 lbs / 37 k. . By the way, the matching upholstered bench is included.


Price: asking $4,000 CAD / $3,000 USD / € 2 600 / $31,000 MXN plus shipping from Toronto and applicable taxes & duties. J.C. Neupert GmbH & Co KG is still in business and the very similar (same?) NEUPERT-Klavichord
"Philipp-Emanuel" lists new at € 6,230. Sorry, this one does not qualify under NAFTA, but it does qualify for our lease plan. Monthly payments would be around $125 CAD/ $95 USD. Interested? E-mail Claviers Baroques or give us a call.

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