Toronto, Ontario, Canada

SOLD! to the gentleman in Wyoming
Neupert 'Kleine' Harpsichord Serial number 24372 (used)

The current owners acquired this small revival harpsichord together with a clavichord by the same maker. They have decided to keep the clavichord for quiet practising (he is a professional pianist and played us some Mozart, Handel and CPE Bach on it -- fabulous!) but due to limited space they have decided to sell the harpsichord. Note: they've changed their minds and the clavichord is also for sale. Disposition is 8' and 4' with buff, compass is C to f''', 54 notes. Reverse keyboard in ebony or blackwood with white plastic-topped maple (or boxwood?) sharps. The case is veneered in teak. It has three screw-in legs and a nice, wide music desk. It would fit nicely in a small space only 32" wide x 4' 2" long x 34" high (81cm x 127 cm x 86 cm). It tapers to 12 1/2" (32 cm) at the tail so it can snug in with other furniture or a music stand for your duet partner. Its gentle voice would be quite enough for a small music room/den or perhaps the glassed-in balcony of an apartment or condominium. It would make a wonderful instrument to keep at your (winterized) cottage or chalet.

This instrument is in excellent condition and needs only a tuning and some regulation, oh, and one string replaced. The wire is standard steel music wire with some phosphor bronze, none with overwindings. It is quilled in leather, which is in very good condition, every note plays (except the broken string) and it has a lovely soft, silvery sound. It is a true German harpsichord of the mid-20th century, and has a profusion of levers, adjusting screws and gadgets, all of which work perfectly -- of course!

We are trying to date this instrument based on the serial number, but it could have been made anytime between 1955 and today -- probably closer to today, because the leather plectra are in really good condition. Neupert is still in business and makes a very similar instrument, compare this with their "Telemann" model.

Gadgets, there are lots of wonderful gadgets -- the jacks have a gazillion adjusting screws, the contraption that turns the 8' on and off (a movement of less than 1/8") is breath-taking in its complexity -- and it works! The 4' is operated by a knee lever under the keyboard, placed squarely in the middle, presumably so that the left-kneed are not at a disadvantage.

Like most of the Neupert instruments, this one is built like a tank. The joints are all holding, there are no soundboard cracks and the case finish is in excellent condition. The piano-style action feels distinctly unharpsichord-like, which would be a problem for a professional or a serious harpsichord student, but if you are a pianist who would like to have a harpsichord sound this is a practical compromise. The strings currently on this instrument are in good shape and all are standard harpsichord or music wire, with no overwinding, so when they are due for a change (not for a while yet) replacement should be no problem. Although we cannot recommend it for performing or for a serious student, it would make a good inexpensive home or personal instrument. Like the sound of a harpsichord but don't play? Check out the midi -controlled player harpsichord that a gentleman in BC made from one of these little instruments. If you are interested in such a thing let us know, we can put you in contact with the mad scientist, I mean, mastermind.

Price: asking $3,000 CAD / $2,125 USD / € 1 900 / $21,500 MXN plus shipping from Toronto and applicable taxes & duties. The very similar Neupert "Telemann" at lists new at € 9 000. Sorry, this one does not qualify under NAFTA. If interested, or for more information, e-mail Claviers Baroques or give us a call. [back to used instruments page]

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