Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Side view of Hubbard double. ;id and foil paper visible.Hubbard French Double-- ca 1970 (used)

October 24, 2002 -- We are pleased to report that we have delivered Harold to his new owner, Ms. Alena K of Hamilton ON, and set him up in her living room. Getting him there was a fairly tricky procedure, the front porch is tiny but with a railing, the stairs are at the side and there are two sharp angles to get into the living room. We checked Harold over and adjusted the keyboard, which needed a bit of jiggling after being stood on end to get through the doorways, but before we left every note played and the couplers and stops all were functioning properly. Den went over the procedure for replacing and voicing plectra with Ms K and her husband, everyone did one or two. When we left there was only one still missing and Den is satisfied that Mr. K can perform the operation. We left them with a supply of plectra and a voicing block, they already have an Exacto knife so they are all set.

Harold is the focal point of the living room, which he shares with a large number of books, a cello (they are cello-sitting for a musician friend who is in Europe) and a windowful of African violets. The temperature and humidity are controlled to keep the violets happy, which will keep Harold happy, too.

Son Leon is doing a master's in cello performance at Oberlin. Mme K reports that he was moving Oberlin's harpsichords as an odd job, then he started tuning them and now he's looking to buy his own tuning hammer. He was home for the weekend so he can get her started on how to tune. When he is back for Christmas break he can give her the advanced course. The K daughters are talented, as well, Reni is an actress and artist Luisa's charming print of children dancing in a ring hangs on the wall across from Harold.


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