Toronto, Ontario, Canada

SOLD! to the music school in San José, Costa Rica

Zuckermann Z-box, 1 x 8' with buff, ca 1970-- built from the famous kit made by Wolfgang Zuckermann of New York (now Zuckermann Harpsichords International of Stonington CT). This is the best-built early Zuckermann that we have ever seen. The casework is particularly well done and there is no sign of cheek droop. The case is done in walnut veneer and the finish is very nice and has been well looked after.

The instrument was originally quilled in leather but we replaced the tongues (small parts of the jacks which hold the plectra) with new wooden ones which we made especially for it. They accept the plastic plectra rather than the leather ones, this means less maintenance and gives a brighter sound. Here are some samples:

• Bach Prelude #1 C major
• Bach Prelude #2 C major
• chromatics --

This would be a good instrument for a beginner or amateur, or perhaps for a choir or a music school. Parts and accessories continue to be easily available for this instrument. It is in Toronto, but we can arrange packing, shipping, customs, etc. to anywhere in the world for a nominal fee. Note: this one qualifies as duty-free under NAFTA

Price: $2,250 CAD / $1,500 USD

Follow up:

This harpsichord was sold to Academia Bach in January 2003 but shipping was delayed while the school applied for a tax exemption for the instrument. We sent lots of paperwork and in due course the exemption was approved. We shipped the instrument in early June and subsequently received these e-mails from the director of the school:

>Subject: Hello, is there a harpsichord in Costa Rica?
>Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 13:44:20 -0400

Yes and it is a beautiful harpsichord! Dear friends, I feel that I got a new baby, my daugther is so happy. I did not write before, because we had to change some papers because somebody here wrote that it is a grand piano, and then we were in the beach.
We play Dido in july 18 and 19 and the harpsichord is perfect.
I really thank you, because I feel that not only buy an instrument, but knew very special people.

In august we will play the 4 brandenburg concerto and in october we play the four seasons and a very beautiful piece by Vivaldi " La Follia " as you can see the instrument will be very busy.

Thanks again and whenever you want, come to Costa Rica

Best Regards

>Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2003 11:52 AM
>Subject: Re: Hello, is there a harpsichord in Costa Rica?

Dear Friends, what we can do if some don't know what a harpsichord is... play it to them. This is why I was looking for an instrument that I can buy. Is very difficult for us (impossible ) to pay 10000 dollars, but thanks to
you we have our precious " Marìa ", yes it has name, my daughter's name, because when she saw it told us: is mine, yes? She is 6 years old, and today in the morning she asked me to take her to the music school to play. She is now downstairs playing the songs she knows.
Yesterday evening I invited the guy who is playing with us in Dido, and the man who plays in our chamber orchestra, at last many people were here looking and playing to" Marìa "

Many people use this phrase, but I must tell you that it is a dream that come true.
Of course you can mention my letter in your website, but I think only you understand my english
Now I don't have pictures, but I will send you, rehearsing Dido.
Well, be in contact and the best for you


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