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Canadian Single Harpsichord for the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra (name to be decided) WO 464 --------- updated January 5, 2004

New harpsichord for the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra.

Claviers Baroques is involved in the rebuilding of Iraq. Yes, really! We have offered to build them a new Canadian Single harpsichord to replace their harpsichord which was destroyed in April of 2003. Den felt so bad when he saw the picture that he said, "Let's make them a new one." And so we are. Here is a brief status report:

  • Background -- what got us started on this project? The photo at right and a radio interview with members of the Iraqui National Symphony Orchestra, both by WBUR's Dick Gordon on location in Baghdad for NPR.
  • Work Order 464 -- arranged through the agency of American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
  • Friends and contributors: in addition to the help and support of the AFSC, we have received some unexpected but very welcome financial contributions. Other people have told us they'd like to get involved, too, so we have made up a special page to keep track.
  • Wood -- Status January 1, 2004: The acquisition of materials is going well. So far we have perhaps half of the basswood required for the inner case. We have already set aside sufficient wood for jacks, tongues, bridges and nuts, soundboard and soundbars; keyboard, arcades and keytops. We'll keep our eyes open for casewood, either poplar for a painted case or a nice wood for a natural finish -- still deciding on which. Pictures to come.
  • Keyboard and action (includes jacks) -- Status January 1, 2004: Wood acquired. Preparation, planing, jackmaking, etc. is ongoing. Pictures to come.
  • Inner case (includes soundboard) -- Status January 1, 2004: Most of the wood acquired. Preparation, planing, etc. is ongoing. We made a bentside for this one when we made the bentsides for Guy, Morphine and Ivan. Pictures to come.
  • Outer case -- Status January 1, 2004: Still deciding whether a natural finish or a painted case would be more practical for students and in a dry climate, other considerations? Once that's settled we'll start acquiring the wood. We may post some samples and/or sketches before that, too.
  • Misc: Lid and flap, hinges, propstick, music desk and stand, wire, pins, etc. Status January 1, 2004: We probably have most of this stuff, or at least the wood, pins and wire. We'll check re hinges, etc. closer to the time.


Photo of the day...

The INSO's old harpsichord.

-- Photo by Dick Gordon of WBUR

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