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Received Friday, March 15, 2003

Hello Dawn-san and Den-san,

How are you doing?
Sorry long time no see or no mail.
Today I send you new photos for your reference.
Anyway, still I have much job to do sounding key adjustment.

Best regards,
Harry S.

Note from Dawn -- To download Harry's very snazzy 608 kb PowerPoint presentation -- click here.

DON"T have Power Point? MicroSoft has a free (!) viewer, available at RocketDownload.com

-- thanks to Kemer Thomson for the screen shot

Received Friday, September 20, 2002

Hello Dawn-san and Den-san,

How are you doing? Many thanks for your e-mail. I was very interested the information regarding Milk Paint. I already made phone call to the agent of Milk Paint in Tokyo, and I will get soon. And also I was very impressed about your family loves Japanese culture. I hope you and your familys Japan trip comes true someday.

In my hometown Hamamatsu, there is the Musical Instruments Museum. They have few old harpsichords. Photo is just for your

Anyway, still I have much to do on the Spinet.
Best regards,

Harry S.



Received Friday, September 20, 2002
Subject: Re: Hello to you and your spinet
> Hello Dawn-san and Den-san,
> Thanks for your e-mail. I'm still fighting almost every Sunday. But, it's very slow moving like a turtle walk.
> I spent a lot of time for adjustment of the key actions, It's very critical and challengiable so still working on.
> Now, I started preparing the cabinet painting. As you know, summer season in Japan is very high humidity.
> I think next month October is good timing for painting. Coloring idea is my next challenge.
> Anyway, I'm verry much enjoying on the Spinet. I attached 4 shots for your reference.
> Best regards,
> Harry S

1 July 2002 06:47

Dear Dawn Lyons,

Hello! How are you?
Now, I'm fighting to build up the Spinet. It's hard to get time, because of my job.
I just work on only Saturday and Sunday. And today almost finished casing and some part of kbd assembling.
Anyway I just started and need time.

By the way by shipping, there are some dents on the bottom board, but I can clear about that, it's no problem.

Best regards,
Harry (Shoichi) S

(right) soundbars being glued to the underside of the soundboard

(below) case assembled, with music rack and keyboard in their places.

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