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Wittmayer Clavichord shipment WO 409 for Mr. Gordon S -------- updated March 21 , 2003

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Prepared for Mr. Gordon S of Nîmes, France by Dawn Lyons at Claviers Baroques, in Toronto, Canada.

March 3, 2003 -- clavichord on its way!

Photo of the day...
.. the truck taking clavichord to catch a plane.

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Hi Dawn,

Of course you can use the photo report for the site. 'Twill be an honour to be on it! And I hope it can encourage other people to get over the deadly FTFS (First Tuning Fear Syndrome). What gives me the real kick is when that second string "sings" in unison with the first. That definite, unmistakable, ecstatic point... which also, by the way, seems to add a little extra volume...
I found doing that tuning quite a watershed. It's a bit like doing your first parachute jump (I should imagine). You start the day as someone who has never jumped out of a plane with a parachute (or without one) and end the day as someone who has added that to their list of skills and achievements. Life just can't be the same again. Tuning a baroque instrument is the same. Although less potentially life-threatening, it's true.

Best regards,
PS. You've just made one little boy very happy! I looked on your site just now and see that Liam is there - on the home page! "Maman, je suis sur Internet!" he called out when he saw it... He's thrilled!

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