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Received September 20, 2002

Hello Dawn and Den,

The clavichord building is proceeding apace and the end is in sight (I
think). I'm almost done balancing the keys. In fact I've cheated a little
and jumped ahead a bit by installing the hitch pins, stringing the lowest
pair of strings and installing the tangent on the low C. (My curiosity got
the better of me; I just had to know what it would sound like.)

The case went together easily enough. The only part that did not fit
perfectly was the bottom board, which was just a hair too wide. However, a
few strokes with a block plane fixed that.

The soundboard had to be trimmed a little to fit into the case. It looked
far too fragile to use a saw on and a sharp X-acto knife produced a rather
splintery looking edge. I finally got it to the correct size by using coarse
sandpaper. I'm sure there are more efficient ways of doing this, but the
sandpaper worked and it did save me from taking off too much. I carefully
followed the instructions for setting the bridge and drilling the bridge
pin, tuning pin and hitch pin holes. A quick double check with a length of
dental floss provided some reassurance that the string band would fall where
the drawing indicated it should.

So far the construction has been uneventful. Although the project seemed
overwhelming when I unpacked the myriad of pieces in the box, each
individual step (so far) has been logical and not beyond my rather limited
woodworking skills.

There aren't any pictures to send you so far.

David M

Received August 10, 2002
Hello Dawn,

This is just a note to let you know that the fretted clavichord kit arrived
yesterday. Everything that the instructions say should be present is there
and all the pieces seem to be in good shape. I don't mind saying that I was
up rather late last night studying the instructions and plan and test
fitting together dry as much of the instrument as I could. I'm looking
forward to getting started right away.

David M







Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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