Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1965 Zuckermann, black and white

Sperrhake single-manual harpsichord 1960, SN 603253: 1x8', 1x4 + buff. Compass CC to f''' (56 notes). Black wood naturals, plastic-topped sharps, piano-sized keys; original steel wire with brass in the bass. Case is teak (?) veneer, approx 34" wide x 54" long. Generally in good condition and plays well, although the gap is closing on the jacks and the 4' can be engaged only with difficulty. It has a nicer tone than many revival instruments. Jacks have wooden bodies with brass fittings. Quilled in Delrin. $1,500 Canadian or $1,000 USD plus taxes and shipping (instrument is in Toronto).

Sound samples:

Handel Sonata in C
(532K .mp3 file)
Bach C major Prelude
(299K .mp3 file)
F.Couperin Rigaudon
(387K mp3 file)


We delivered this instrument to David in early May of 2002.

From: David R
To: Dawn Lyons
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2002 11:42 PM

Hello Dawn and Den, just hoping you made it home safely after your trip. I do want to tell you that I am in love with my harpsichord! Looking forward to hours of enjoyment! I'll talk to you soon!

and later...

From: David R
To: Dawn Lyons
Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2002 11:09 PM

Hello Dawn, just wondering how you both have been and if you are still planning on visiting in July? Have really been enjoying the harpsichord any spare second I can (which is unfortunately few at this date)! lol! Anyway, write when you can! Tell Den I said Hi!


Sorry about the photos -- We were too tired and stupid to get photos when we delivered this instrument in to David in early May 2002, although it was a beautiful early summer night in Indiana. David lives in a big farmhouse on a country road and the stars are so close I felt I had to duck. We missed David on our July trip to the mid west, he was at the Greenburg County Fair with his steam tractor. By golly, if we can't get a picture of him and/or his harpsichord pretty soon, we'll have to substitute pictures of Tori, his large and *very* friendly retriever-ish dog of indeterminate breed, and the two kittens, Ivory and his sister Ebony.  

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