Toronto, Ontario, Canada

SOLD! to the gentlepersons from Westhampton, NJ -- they plan to use it at next year's Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Lesage straight-side, 1x8' with buff -- This instrument is a really close copy of the classic Zuckermann Z-box. It was built in Quebec by the Lesage Piano Company during the 60's or 70's. This one is a fixer-upper. The walnut veneer case has been painted over with a reddish stain, and the keywell and inner case sides has been wallpapered (now mostly removed). The front lid hinge had pulled out of the particleboard at some point and damaged the veneer. This was repaired by a previous owner and it is very secure now, although not real pretty. The legs are attached to the case by means of wooden pads rather than metal plates as used on the Z-box, and they are pulling out (can be easily fixed). Another major difference between it and the regular Z-box is the damper arrangement, this has a brass bar overdamper instead of a sliding batten. Bad news: the strings are mostly missing and the red plastic jacks (honest!) are quilled in leather. The good news is that the particle board case is solid, there is no cheek droop, the soundboard has a good tap-tone almost to the end of the bass, and the Zuckerman kit upgrade to Celcon or Delrin plectra will fit in this instrument with no modification necessary (we highly recommend this, approx $175 USD/ $265 CAD). Replacement wire is available from us or from Zuckermann for $45 USD/$70 CAD. The owner, a cellist, bought it at a garage sale intending to fix it up, but didn't get around to it and now she is moving. She would like it to go to someone who will fix it up and play it. Another possibility -- since it already is nearly stringless, this is a good candidate for conversion to lautenwerk. Keep the leather plectra, install a new soundboard and string it in nylon. Interested? We can tell you more about how to do this, e-mail us. This instrument is in Toronto, but we can arrange packing, shipping, customs, etc. to anywhere in the world at a nominal fee. Note: this one qualifies as duty-free under NAFTA Price: $750 Canadian or $500 USD

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The reverse keyboard is very pretty and in good condition. If one wanted to do a real makeover on this one, Flemish faux marble case decoration with traditional case and lid papers would be a good choice (like our little Flemish-style Althea) . It's fun to do, looks great and would hide most of the bashes.

[right] This harpsichord should have all new strings, although after 30 years that's not surprising. You can see where it was wallpapered and the wooden batten that was added for the (very solid) hinge repair.

[left] The missing patch of veneer where the hinge pulled through. It is on the side that would normally be against the wall where it wouldn't be seen.


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