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David M of Edmonton Alberta (Canada) received his The Paris Workshop kit for a double-fretted octave clavichord on August 9, 2002. He has sent us some progress reports.  
Harry S of Hamamatsu, Japan received his Delin spinet kit on July 4, 2002. He is sending us progress reports with photos.
Meet some amateur builders:
Dominic L of Asheville, NC, is building his 5-octave clavichord in his dad's garage. From time to time he sends us photos of his progress. Here he has the mahogany case completed, ready to install the soundboard.  
Dominic and Mary A are building a German single in their dining room in North York, Ontario Dominic & Mary, send us a photo!
Michael K built his 5-octave clavichord on his sunporch in Toronto. He and his clavichord are now living in San Francisco CA. Michael, send us a photo!
Wayne W. of Ortley Beach, New Jersey decided to have us build his French single. We are visiting him several times this year to make sure it is settling in throughout the seasonal changes of the New Jersey seaside.
Annie B and her father Ronald of Montreal built a Flemish single in their living room in 1998. Annie made a photo documentary of the project.  
Mr. Akira F. built his Delin spinet in his basement workshop in Newmarket, Ontario. He and his family and his spinet now live in Ohio. Mr. Akira, send us a photo!
Pat H of Toronto had us built her French single, la dauphine, in our shop. She chose a French polish finish for the cherry case and designed the rose herself.

Janet P of Freedom Ohio asked us to finish the English Bentside Spinet that her husband had started for their daughter.    
Jeff D of Kitchener Ontario built his French single Cerise in our shop in 1997 while he was a graduate student in Toronto. He opted for a simple, durable oil finish for the cherry case, which is now darkening into quite a handsome red. Jeff plays nearly every day, in the mornings. His favourite practice time is 5:00am to 7:30am. What a guy!  
Lorna B of Ottawa Ontario had her colleague, art teacher William Curry, build her French single kit in 1994/5, including a soundboard painting and staining and finishing the cherry case. She asked us to do the final regulation and voicing -- the most difficult and important phase in building a harpsichord.  






Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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