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CLAVIERS BAROQUES -- Service, tuning, repairs, maintenance. -- updated March 28, 2004

House calls -- $150 minimum, plus travel expenses if out of the Greater Toronto (Ontario, Canada) Area*. This is our basic service call, it takes about an hour and a half. It is usually sufficient to get the average single-manual harpsichord tuned and playing nicely, including any necessary regulation and minor repairs such as a string or two replaced, dampers reset/replaced or plectra replaced/revoiced. We usually dust the soundboard, too. This would also be the usual charge for an appraisal. We normally tune and repair an instrument when we appraise anyway, in order to see exactly what condition it is in, as well as provide a written evaluation. Double-manual harpsichords or instruments that have been neglected or damaged it will take longer and, of course, cost more.
* Note: Don't live in the GTA? If you can wait until we are in your area, or if we can get other work while we are there, we can reduce the travel expenses. Here is our schedule. Your area not on it? Call us anyway, we can probably set something up, especially if you can find us another harpsichord or two to work on when we are out your way -- or feed us.

House calls -- after the first 90 minutes, $75 per hour or part.

Work done in our shop -- $60/hour. Sometimes the job is too big, requires special tools or is something that has to be done over time. If we have to bring your instrument into the shop we'll give you an estimate first. We'll do this for things like complete restringing, revoicing, rebuilding/restoring, and refinishing/repainting.

Square piano restoration -- for pianos 150 or more years old. There has been a renewal of interest in these beautiful instruments and it's about time. Too many of them have been turned into desks and more have been ruined by brutal "restorations" done by persons unversed in historical instruments. If you ask us to restore your 150-year-old square piano we will *not* 'rebuild' it using modern parts, we will restore it using historical methods and materials. If replacement parts are needed we make exact replacements ourselves using the same materials as the original. We source historic woods, metals, leathers, cloths, glues and finishes to match as closely as possible the originals. We use wire made from historically correct alloys and if required wind the bass wires ourselves. This is not inexpensive but the end result is a museum-quality restoration which significantly increases the value of your heirloom instrument. Expect to pay from $10,000 CAD to $20,000 CAD for a full restoration, and plan on it taking one to two years. Not every piano is a suitable candidate for restoration, but contact us, we'll be happy to have a look at yours and give you an assessment and a quote. If your instrument is of historical significance we may write it up for a scholarly journal, too.

"If you think a good harpsichord tech is expensive, try a bad one."

This is more or less where we plan to be and when, although things often change as we try to work around everyone's schedules, concert rentals and harpsichord emergencies. We'll try to keep it current. Check your local newspaper, too, we put a notice in the classified section if we know far enough in advance. If you would like to book a time for us to visit your instrument when we are in your area or to 'test drive' one of our instruments, contact us and we will see what we can set up for you.

Excuse our dust! Some places we've been recently:







Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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