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CLAVIERS BAROQUES Harpsichord related merchandise --

We're still working on the "on-line ordering" bit, but you can always order in the old-fashioned ways. Just contact us and tell us what you want.

Claviers Baroques sweats and T's

Lovely 100% cotton sweats and T's in our gorgeous ClavB dark green with gold lettering. Being cotton, they will shrink a bit, we wash ours and hang 'em on hangers to dry.

The fronts show the elegant Claviers Baroques logo in metallic gold, the backs say various things, your choice of :

  • "Licensed to Quill"
  • "Tuning Wench"
  • "Stay Tuned"
  • "Perfect is good enough" (our company motto) .

Please state size (S, M, L, XL, XXL) when ordering and which motto you would like on the back For reference: Dawn is 5"3" and weighs 130lbs, she wears an XL, which she finds stylishly baggy

T-shirts $20 CAD or $15 US
Sweatshirts $30 CAD or US $25

Canadian residents please add 7% GST
Ontario residents please add 8% ORST
Prices include shipping

above Our T (with Dawn in it)

left Our our sweat, (with Dawn in it) front and back

Coming soon -- Claviers Baroques mugs!

Not quite ready to spring for a harpsichord? You might want to start out easy with one of our mugs. Or if you already have a harpsichord, you might want to let your coffee-mates know. Four styles, one is sure to light up your coffee break. We think.

  • Dark green mug with the elegant "Claviers Baroques" logo in gold wrapped around it.
  • Reverse keyboard mug -- black keys, white sharps.
  • Canadian baroque mug -- " 415, eh?" in gold letters on a burgundy mug
  • "Perfect is good enough" (our company motto) in gold on a dark green mug.


Coming soon -- Harpsichord Strings, Plectra and Emergency Kits!

Yes, it happens. When it does, be ready. These kits contain a supply of plectra in your choice of Celcon (black) or Delrin (white), a scalpel with spare blades, a voicing block in either boxwood or ebony, whichever contrasts with your plectra, and an assortment of wires with loops, PLUS instructions on how to replace broken strings and plectra, including how to carve the quills, all packed in a tidy plastic case. It's like having a harpsichord technician in your pocket, only not as lumpy.

  • Italian emergency kit includes 20 plectra and 10 looped yellow brass wires in assorted sizes.
  • Franco/Flemish single emergency kit includes 30 plectra and 20 looped wires in an assortment of soft iron and brass.
  • Franco/Flemish double emergency kit includes 40 plectra and 30 looped wires in an assortment of soft iron, yellow brass and red brass.
  • Custom emergency kits available, let us know your requirements and we will give you a quote. We might even name it after you!






Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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