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CLAVIERS BAROQUES -- Instruments for long and short-term rental

French Double Harpsichord  "Martine"

French Double Harpsichord "Martine", after Taskin 1769; turquoise blue with gold bands and trim, FF to g''', 2 x 8' plus 4' and buff, non-transposing (A = 440). This instrument was designed as a Concert Double. The elegant colour and beautiful hand-rubbed finish make her a knockout on stage. It has a very full voice and will be heard to the last row of the hall. Martine made her debut in Massey Hall December 2002 with Bernard Labadie and Les Violins du Roi. In April 2002 she was heard in the Kitchener-Walterloo Symphony's Ear 2001 series, when harpsichordist Cynthia Hiebert played In a Vernacular Way (1990) as part of a program of works by composer-in-residence Peter Hatch. She participated in the recording, released in May 2003. We were delighted with the fullness of the bass when she was first strung and it has continued to develop as she ages. We set up the action to be highly adjustable for touch and tone. This French double is an ideal concert instrument for solo and chamber works. As a continuo instrument, it will make its presence known through a modern symphony orchestra, using all the registers and coupler. For a small baroque ensemble, the registers can be quickly adjusted for an appropriate balance. Her refined appearance and stable tuning make her an ideal home or studio instrument. Value -- $25,000.

Sound sample from Martine's first CD. The project, called Gathered Evidence, is a compilation of some of composer Peter Hatch's recent works -- the oldest is 1989, the newest -- a string quartet -- was finished in December 2002. Harpsichordist Cynthia Hiebert plays movement 6, "With a Hey, Ho, Jimi's Joe," from In a Vernacular Way (1990), a suite for solo harpsichord. It's kind of long to download, 2.76 MB, but please be patient, it's worth the wait. Like what you hear? The CD is available through Artifact Music or call them at 905-274-5957.

Concert rental fee $600 – includes delivery, tuning for one rehearsal, tuning prior to the performance with attendance at the performance to give a touch-up tuning at intermission, and removal after the performance. Additional tunings for rehearsal are charged at $150 each, additional tunings for performances at $200 each (includes attendance and tuning at intermission), additional moves at $150.00. Mileage charges apply out of the Greater Toronto area. GST and Ontario PST are extra.

Long-term rental $600 for the first month -- includes pick up and delivery (in the Greater Toronto area), set-up and two tunings, mileage charges apply out of the Greater Toronto area), subsequent months are $300. We will come by to tune Muguette every two months, in between you can touch it up as required -- don't worry, it's easy, we'll show you how. We provide a tuning wrench and electronic tuning meter.GST and Ontario PST are extra.

Studio rental $10.00/hour -- practice time in our shop is available when Muguette is not otherwise engaged. Ideal for players or singers preparing for concerts, competitions, auditions or examinations. Call ahead to book so that we can make sure she is set up and tuned and that we are not operating the table saw while you are trying to play.

For more information or to book her, contact us
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Martine spent her summer on an island in Lake Muskoka on a long-term rental. Here she is in her room at the cottage. The window behind her overlooks the lake and there's a walk-out balcony -- some harpsichords have all the luck! She was used for practice and also gave several house concerts for family and friends.

Martine has a compass of FF to g'''. Ideal for late Baroque repertoire, also enough notes for piano editions of earlier works by Bach, Handel, Haydn and Scarlatti.

Martine, turquoise blue and gold French double harpsichord

[above] Den stringing Martine for her Massey Hall debut in December 2001. Only one of her two manuals is in place in the photo below.

Martine on her way to the cottage. Wheee!






Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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