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Single Manual Italian harpsichord "Mark I"

Single Manual Italian harpsichord "Mark I", designed by Thomas Ciul after an anonymous 17th century Italian instrument in the Stern Collection (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor); 45 notes, short octave bass CE/c'', A = 415 normally, but can be tuned up to A = 440 (we like a week's notice for this to ensure that the pitch will be stable for your performance) ; 1x8' register, strung in yellow brass, cherry case, bird's-eye maple naturals, cherry sharps, stand in cedar. Value -- $6,000.

Mark I is the authentic type of instrument for performances of the earlier Italian repertoire, of course, but is also lovely with later stuff. The short octave bass may take a little getting used to, but the trade-off is a very versatile instrument in the smallest possible package. He's just 5'7" long and only weighs 35 lbs!

Mark I is delightful with a small ensemble and especially great with singers. The price and portability make him ideal for student and amateur performances. The combination of a Mark I plus a cello could serve nicely as the orchestra for a production of an entire baroque opera -- Purcell's Dido and Aeneas for instance, or Pergolesi's La Serva Padrona.

That beautiful deep red colour is not a stain. Mark I was built in the 1970's and the wood has just darkened naturally. He'd gotten into bad shape owing to having gotten heavily rained on (don't ask) so we totally refurbished him in 1996. The case and soundboard are original, so he has the mature sound and stability of an older instrument, and he has a new register with Delrin jacks and new keyboard for a light and reliable action -- the best of both worlds. Oh, and with only 45 strings, tuning is a snap.

Concert rental fee $300 – includes delivery, two tunings, attendance at the performance and tuning at intermission, and removal after the performance. Additional tunings for rehearsal are charged at $100 each, additional tunings for performances at $150 each (includes attendance and tuning at intermission), additional moves at $100.00. Mileage charges apply out of the Greater Toronto area. GST and Ontario PST are extra.

Long-term rental is $300 for the first month, includes delivery, set-up and tuning in your home or studio and pickup and return after the rental term (mileage charges apply out of the Greater Toronto area). Subsequent months are $150. GST and Ontario PST are extra.

Studio rental $5.00/hour -- practice time in our shop is available when Mark I is not otherwise engaged. Ideal for players or singers preparing for concerts, competitions, auditions or examinations. Call ahead to book so that we can make sure he is set up and tuned and that we are not operating the table saw while you are trying to play.


For more information or to book him, contact us
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Here is Mark I doing an Easter gig at Zion United Church in Kitchener, ON last year.

Mark I's short octave bass may take a little getting used to, but the trade-off is a very versatile instrument in the smallest possible package. He only weighs 35 lbs.!







Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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