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CLAVIERS BAROQUES -- Instruments for long and short-term rental

Forte-piano after Stein "Constanza"

Forte-piano Constanza, David Way/Phillip Belt design after Stein ca 1790, built by Thomas Ciul 1996, with Viennese action, mahogany with panelled lid, FF to f''', A = 440. Value -- $25,000. Wolfgang Mozart was a showroom demonstrator for Stein, but never could afford one himself, he had to settle for a used Walter instead. Constanza (we named her after Wolfgang's wife) has a compass of 61 notes: FF - f''', double strung. Her normal pitch is A=430, standard for a fortepiano, but we can tune her to modern (A-=440) or baroque (A=415) pitch or anywhere in between, with a bit of notice -- at least a week is best to ensure that she will be stable for your performance or recording.

A fortepiano like Constanza is de rigeur for any performance of Hayden's Creation (she has done several, including one in March 2002 with the Helmut Rilling and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra), and is an interesting alternative to a modern piano for other works of the early classical period. She does not have the sheer volume of a modern Steinway (not necessarily a bad thing), but she has an eveness across the compass and a delicacy of touch that is a revelation for works of Mozart, Schubert, Schumann and even Brahms and Beethoven. A fortepiano is wonderful in a chamber ensemble and for vocal accompaniment. We know of one voice teacher who uses a fortepiano exclusively for her students' recitals; she says, "They can't hide behind it." Cello players and audiences appreciate not having to wear ear protectors during piano trios. If you are a serious pianist, we cannot stress enough the usefulness of playing early classical composers on the instrument they used for a first-hand understanding of the sonorities they were working with. Previously incomprehensible passages and ornaments in the works of Hayden, Clementi, Dussek or Kuhlau will make sense as they have never done on a modern piano. Even if you have no intention of continuing with a fortepiano, the insight you will gain from playing the works of early classical composers on an appropriate period instrument will inform your playing on a modern piano.

Concert rental fee $750 – includes delivery, tuning for one rehearsal, tuning prior to the performance with attendance at the performance to give a touch-up tuning at intermission, and removal after the performance. Additional tunings for rehearsal are charged at $150 each, additional tunings for performances at $200 each (includes attendance and tuning at intermission), additional moves at $100.00. Mileage charges apply out of the Greater Toronto area. GST and Ontario PST are extra.

Long-term rental $750 for the first month -- includes pick up and delivery (in the Greater Toronto area), set-up and two tunings, mileage charges apply out of the Greater Toronto area), subsequent months are $350. We will come by to tune Constanza every two months, in between you can touch it up as required -- don't worry, it's easy, we'll show you how. We provide a tuning wrench and electronic tuning meter. GST and Ontario PST are extra.

Studio rental $15.00/hour -- practice time in our shop is available when Constanza is not otherwise engaged. Ideal for players or singers preparing for concerts, competitions, auditions or examinations. Call ahead to book so that we can make sure she is set up and tuned and that we are not operating the table saw while you are trying to play.

For more information or to book her, contact us
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A studio protrait of Constanza, just after her completion in 1996.






Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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