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CLAVIERS BAROQUES -- Instruments for long and short-term rental

Canadian Single Harpsichord "Althea major"

Canadian Single Harpsichord "Althea major", natural cherry, compass 52 notes, normally BB to d''' but may be tuned to GG/BB short octave if desired; 2 x 8' plus buff; A = 440 normally, but can be tuned as low as A = 415 or as high as A443 (we like a week's notice for this to ensure that the pitch is stable for your performance or recording). She is designed in the Italian style as the ideal ensemble and continuo harpsichord, small, sturdy, stable and with the clear all-brass sound that can be heard through an ensemble. Her sturdy case construction is similar to that of the English instruments of the Restoration, as are her diagonal soundboard flitches. She is a fine solo instrument, particularly suited to any of the Italian, English, German and earlier French repertoire. Although only 6' long and 30" wide, she has volume enough for a concert hall such as The George Weston Recital Hall, where she has appeared frequently. We think she is spectacular with Louis Couperin and CPE Bach (CPE Bach.mp3) , but she is equally at home with modern works (Miyagi .mp3). Value -- $12,000 CAD. The original Althea is not actually for sale, but if you like, we can make you another one -- see our Canadian Single Gallery for some of the ones we've made so far.

Concert rental fee $500 – includes delivery, two tunings, attendance at the performance and tuning at intermission, and removal after the performance. Additional tunings for rehearsal are charged at $100 each, additional tunings for performances at $150 each (includes attendance and tuning at intermission), additional moves at $100.00. Mileage charges apply out of the Greater Toronto area. GST or HST (Ontario) extra.

Long-term rental is $500 for the first month (includes pick and delivery charges, set-up and two tunings, mileage charges apply out of the Greater Toronto area), subsequent months are $250. GST or HST (Ontario) extra.

Studio rental $5.00/hour -- practice time in our shop is available when Althea is not otherwise engaged. Ideal for players or singers preparing for concerts, competitions, auditions or examinations. Call ahead to book so that we can make sure she is set up and tuned and that we are not operating the table saw while you are trying to play. GST or HST (Ontario) extra.

For more information or to book her, contact us
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Althea, her cherry case glowing in the stage lighting
Althea on the stage of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto

Althea looks as good as she sounds. Here is Den playing Althea on the set of the HGTV show Design for Living with Kimberley Seldon.
Althea is a regular with Friendly Rich and Lolliop People and is on most of their recordings. Here they are rehearsing at Innes College Town Hall. Greg Oh is playing and Friendly Rich is at the mike (in the dark suit).

Althea is also a regular with the Canadian Opera Company and plays all the Toronto Symphony "away" concerts. She appears frequently with local and international groups in Toronto such as Toronto Masque, Daniel Taylor's Theatre of Early Music, Il Giradino Harmonico and has been recorded many, many times.








Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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