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CLAVIERS BAROQUES -- Library of Stringing Schedules

Claviers Baroques Canadian single "Althea" at A=415, non-transposing, chromatic bass

Each of the Althea types we have made is strung a bit differently. We have made instruments scaled and strung for modern pitch (A=440Hz) and for baroque pitch (A= 415Hz), ones which transpose by shifting the keyboard and ones which are designed to be tuned up or down as required. We will string differently depending on whether the instrument will be principally used as a solo instrument or an ensemble instrument, and whether it will be played in a home or a concert hall. This is the schedule for a non-transposing Althea at A=415. It has a longer scaling than the A=440 instruments and is lightly strung, so that the wire is close to breaking when it is at pitch. This gives a lovely bright sound, but if you try to tune it to modern pitch you will break a *lot* of strings. That being said, stringing is far from a science, the final test is always your ear. If a note sounds bad -- dull or harsh compared to its neighbors -- or if the string breaks try thicker or thinner wire until it sounds right.

String or pair number*

Notes (Helmholtz)



46 to 54 (9 wires/pairs)
a#'' to d'''
yellow brass
.0085" / .22mm
36 to 45 (10 wires/pairs)
a#' to a''
yellow brass
.090" / .23mm
28 to 35 (8 wires/pairs)
d' to a'
yellow brass
.010" / .25mm
20 to 27 (8 wires/pairs)
f# to c#'
yellow brass
.011" / .27mm
14 to 19 (6 wires/ pairs)
c to f
yellow brass
.012" / .30mm
9 to 13 (5 wires/ pairs)
G to B
yellow brass
.014" / .33mm
4 to 8 (5 wires/ pairs)
D to F#
yellow brass
.016" / .36mm
2 & 3 (2 wires/ pairs)
C &C#
yellow brass
.018" / .40mm
1 (one wire/pair)
yellow brass
.020" / .44mm

*strings, keys and jacks are traditionally counted from the left (lowest note), although stringing schedules traditionally list wire from the highest note to the lowest, probably because most builders string the treble first. It is confusing, I know; sorry.







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