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CLAVIERS BAROQUES -- How often to tune a harpsichord

When a harpsichord is newly strung it should be tuned every day for a few days, then every other day for a couple of weeks. The instruments adjusts to the stresses and will be quite stable, requiring only a touch up (5-10 minutes) once a week to stay in tune. Sudden changes in humidity will affect tuning. Even if you keep it accurately at pitch, once a week should be enough. The better you keep a harpsichord in tune - the less tuning it needs.

BTW, I don't know if you have ever done much tuning. If not, it is a skill. easily learned, especially with a modern electronic tuner. In fact, tuning can be interesting and enjoyable, trying different temperaments for different styles and periods of baroque music

Electronic tuners are available in a wide range of prices. The Korg OT 12 tuner is about 129 USD. That one has 10 baroque temperaments programmed in. Chromatic tuners for equal temperament are as little as $25.

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